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Thank you for considering Wall Residences as a service option for the individual(s) you know.

We have a wide variety of service options in many areas of the state, with the ability to develop services around the specific needs of the individual. The large number of service options we have available  provides the opportunity to select from several choices for the individual and their natural family.  The Wall Residences vacancy list (available on this web site), is a good starting point, but rarely includes all available options as we have providers constantly in development who may not have a website listing yet. The Wall Residences Admissions Coordinators are the most knowledgeable about currently available service options.


We look forward to working with you to locate a service option that will meet the needs of the person you are helping. Know that we can develop services around the needs of the person who is referred, if we do not have the “right” service immediately available. This may be needed when the individual has unique behavioral or health support needs.


Our Admissions Coordinators are standing by, ready to assist – our response time is generally one business day:


Alex JacksonAdmissions Director, Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke,  434.610.7578  |

EMAIL  | FAX 434.509.0463


Elisha Hypes - Admissions Coordinator, Southwest and NRV, 540.750.0144 |

EMAIL  |  FAX 540-212-6320


Pam Golas – Admissions Coordinator, Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck, Hampton, Northen VA, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Rappahannock, Culpepper, Orange County, Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Winchester and surrounding areas.  540.292-0608 |   EMAIL   | FAX 540.318.7857





Who can make a referral?




•         Family members


•         Support Coordinators


•         Individuals needing support








Why make a referral to Wall Residences?


Experienced and person–centered leadership:  Wall Residences has been providing person-centered services in Virginia for over 20 years. All services are delivered around the support needs & wishes of the focus person and their closest family members or legal guardian.



Responsiveness:  in most cases,  Wall Residences will make arrangements to visit a person referred to the agency within a few business days and / or  around the convenience of the family and referring Support Coordinator.



Many service locations to choose from: Wall Residences has many available service options ready to go across the state at any time and can develop services specific to most any person, given enough time. We have the most professional, experienced & well trained Family Providers in the state.  Lots of different living styles available – rural, city / pets, no pets/ quiet, active – etc…. some providers bring special skills to the job – nurses, social workers, retired educators and more. Many of our current vacancies are listed on the Wall Residences  Web site, however, as new services are constantly being developed it is important to call our admissions team, for a full list when exploring service options.



Careful supervision and support of programs:  families of individuals who receive services with Wall Residences know that their service is being reviewed regularly by qualified Program Management staff.  Unannounced visits occur at least 2x per year.



Family Members are encouraged to maintain relationships with the person who receives support:  visits are encouraged. When that is not possible,  pictures, letters, phone calls and even SKYPE are used to facilitate relationships from a distance.


24 hour emergency support: the Quality Assurance Team and Regional Coordinators are available to assist a provider at any time day or night to problem solve critical incidents. Of course, in a medical emergency, all staff are instructed to contact local emergency services first.



Transparency:  Wall Residences staff work as part of a team that includes; the individual, the authorized representative or legal guardian for the individual, the Support Coordinator  and residential and day support providers.  Information is shared with this team in a transparent manner to allow for more effective communication and better outcomes for the individual.



Documentation: Wall Residences documentation is complete, accurate and timely.  Support Coordinators  and Authorized Representatives / Legal Guardians are provided quarterly reports, that includes a list of all medical appointments attended and outcomes. Everyone knows what is happening.









Wall Residences will need to collect the following documentation (faxed to the Admissions Coordinator)

from the Case Manager/Support Coordinator assigned to the individual:


•         Psychological Evaluation


•         Current Physical/List of Medications (we will need copies of doctor’s orders before service begins)


•         Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)


•         Risk Assessment


•         Level of Functioning / VIDES


•         Person Centered Plan (if there is one)



What is next?


The Admissions Coordinator will schedule an appointment, to occur as quickly as possible/needed,

to meet with the person who has been referred (focus person), their family member or decision maker,

staff, and anyone else who knows the person well.  During this initial meeting, discussion will surround

what the individual wants in a home, as well as their individual support needs in order to create the right

environment that is person centered, thus assuring success for the person. 


Once this information is gathered, potential residential support options are identified, based on the preferences indicated. Tours of the homes best suited to meet the support needs & preferences of the individual will be scheduled by the Admissions Coordinator.  Once the focus person and/or their decision maker decides on which home(s) they are interested, more visits can be scheduled.  These can include day, overnight, weekend, and/or any combination of trial visits as desired by the focus person and their decision maker.  Once a home has been selected, the Wall Residences Regional Program Manager for the chosen home, will complete the admissions process (determining move in date, writing plan for support, etc), in communication with the individual and their decision maker, along with case management and current staff.  This process can be as short as two weeks, but can take as long as necessary for everyone to feel comfortable with the decision and service. Typically this process takes around 30-45 days, if there is a service readily available. Wall Residences can develop a new service around the needs of a specific person, however, this process is longer.


Other services – Wall Residences Admissions Coordinators are available to provide New Provider Orientation training, to meet & review homes with people who are considering becoming Sponsored Residential Providers, and attending service fairs, or speaking at events.

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