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Kimberly and Eddie Robinson  -  Woodlawn

For information on available services,

please call: Elisha Hypes  540-750-0144


Kimberly and Eddie Robinson live in Woodlawn, VA, with two of their three children, ages three and 16, and a small indoor dog and outdoor cat. They live next door to Eddie’s parents and friends who own a small farm. Their home is located in a rural community with a beautiful view of the mountains but is also conveniently located a few short miles from the city of Galax and town of Hillsville.


The Robinsons are an active family who enjoy camping, vacationing, cooking out, going to the gym, shopping, attending their daughter’s basketball games and dance recitals, spending a nice evening relaxing around the fire pit or on their large covered front porch, and attending church, where Kimberly is the worship leader.


The main provider of support will be Kimberly, who has 11 years of experience providing person centered support to dual diagnosed individuals which includes, but is not limited to, direct care, teaching daily living skills, crisis stabilization, and advocating for individuals’ wants and needs. Eddie has worked as a supervisor with a local industry for 20 years and plans to continue, but will also be providing backup support.


An individual who chooses to make their home with the Robinsons will enjoy their own private bedroom, which they may decorate however they like. The Robinsons look forward to providing a loving and supportive home to an individual who would like to become a part of their family and the community while pursuing their own goals and dreams.


Donny and Caryn Martin  -  Galax

For information on available services,

please call: Elisha Hypes  540-750-0144


Donny and Caryn Martin live in Galax, Virginia. They are licensed providers with over eight years of residential experience. Together they worked at a state training center for 13 years and cared for their own loved ones with severe mental and physical disabilities as well.


The Martins live in a rural area and currently support one male individual and would like to provide services to another gentleman. An individual who chooses this service will have a choice between an upstairs or downstairs bedroom that they can decorate however they choose. The Martins are excited about providing a nurturing, loving home to someone who would like to live their life to its fullest potential.


Donny and Caryn enjoy vacations, walking, community festivals, and they love to go to yard sales, flea markets and any other store where they can find a bargain. During the week they enjoy bowling, exercising at the local wellness center, supporting their local food bank and helping in their community in many other ways. They have several children and grandchildren whom they visit and who visit them for gatherings and barbeques.


The Martins and the person they support enjoy the peaceful surroundings of their home and the scenery of their area. They look forward to sharing it with a gentleman that enjoys the same.


Angel Towler  -  Carroll County

For information on available services,

please call: Elisha Hypes  540-750-0144


Angel Towler lives in a four-bedroom, three bath home in Carroll County, just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Her home is spacious and has a very private, quiet setting with nice scenery and wildlife. There is one available bedroom in the home, and the individual will have their own private room to decorate as they choose.


Angel has bachelor's degree in mental health/healthcare and has five years of experience in residential/provider work within her home. She enjoys leisure activities such as going to the gym to play basketball, going to the movies, bowling, social gatherings, and cookouts. Individuals will have opportunities to participate in their own interests, as well.


She is ready to open her home to individuals who are seeking a loving, caring, outgoing, adventurous provider. Angel will provide individualized supports that ensure needs and preferences are being met.


Priscilla Mays  -  Galax area

For information on available services,

please call: Elisha Hypes  540-750-0144


The Mays home sits upon a scenic hill, nestled quietly in a peaceful family-oriented neighborhood only minutes from downtown Galax, Virginia. The primary provider for the home is Priscilla Mays. She and her husband, Scott, have over 30 years’ combined experience providing person-centered services to the ID/MH population. This service will provide a home-like experience for an individual who wants to pursue to their interests and enjoy everything life can offer. The Mays family stays active in their community daily, and frequently attends sporting events, vacations, concerts, church and various other social activities.


Priscilla and her husband have a beautiful blended family with six children and two grandchildren. Two of their children live at home and are very comfortable and sensitive to individuals with disabilities.  The children are active in sports and church. Priscilla and her husband have two adult children who live in Pittsburgh and travel there several times per year to visit with them.


The home itself is cozy yet spacious, providing each individual a large room just ready for their personal touch! It has four bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, with a back deck for barbeques, early morning breakfast or late summer night conversations with friends. The Mays’ have lived in this home since 2008.


Elizabeth Webb and Paula DuPrey  -  Hillsville area

For information on available services,

please call: Elisha Hypes  540-750-0144


Elizabeth Webb and Paula DuPrey reside in a subdivision located in Hillsville, with a large yard surrounded by trees with a rural feel. Elizabeth and Paula have many years of experience working with diverse groups, including individuals with intellectual disabilities. They currently have one bedroom available and either a male or female is welcome to personalize it as they wish. An older male is presently being supported in the single level home with two dogs.


The home is approximately six minutes from the town of Hillsville and within a thirty to forty-five minute drive to shopping centers and malls.


Elizabeth and Paula have varied interests from traveling to doing activities at home and are interested in supporting an individual in fulfilling their hopes and dreams and simply living life to its fullest!


Staunton/Waynesboro area




Alice Leto and Bruce Stakey  -  Augusta County

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608



Alice has had caregiving roles most of her life; within her family as well as group homes and nursing homes.  She has loved every minute of her career.  She also enjoys cooking and growing herbs and vegetables to use in a variety of delicious meals.  The family enjoys trips to nearby lakes and beaches as well as local fairs and festivals. They attend car shows, go shopping, and enjoy eating out.


This service plans to increase their involvement in Special Olympics; not only their sports, but several special events they have throughout the year including dances and parties.  The household is involved with church services and activities including a weekly bible study with a shared meal and fellowship.


Located in a neighborhood in Augusta County, this home has two-levels, with main floor living and one available bedroom.  Alice and Bruce are currently supporting one male and have a medium-sized dog and two cats.


They are looking forward to opening their home to share family fun with you.

David and Penny Whitesell  -  Greenville

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608


David and Penny Whitesell live in the quaint town of Greenville, located 20 minutes from Lexington and 15 minutes from Staunton. Their home is on a beautiful farmette surrounded by picturesque landscapes and serene mountain views. It has a covered front porch for sitting and a back deck for entertaining. The interior of the home is immaculately maintained and beautifully decorated in a classic country motif.


The Whitesell’s enjoy sharing a variety of activities with the individuals they support including vacations to Tennessee, Nags Head, and other places depending on the preferences of those supported in their home. They enjoy carnivals, going out to eat, shopping, and going to nearby lakes for fishing and swimming. They stay busy at home with gardening, taking walks to a neighboring horse farm, and hosting dinners, game nights, and summertime cookouts with friends and extended family members. In addition to their home activities, the Whitesell’s encourage community engagement for individuals through the various day programs in their region.


David and Penny have been sponsored residential providers for six years. Penny has over 20 years of experience working with individuals with special needs. She also has 15 years of experience working in the medical field, both in a hospital setting as well as an in-home health setting. David has six years of experience working with adults with special needs.


The Whitesell’s currently support one individual in their home and are looking another person to join their active, family-oriented household. Their vacant bedroom is quite spacious and is located on the first floor of the home. The bedroom offers a bathroom right outside of door that will be for their own private use. David and Penny would enjoy meeting anyone who might be interested in the type of home life they offer.

Winchester/Harrisonburg area



Barbara Howerton  -  Edinburg

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608


Barbara Howerton has worked for Wall Residences in a backup staff capacity for three services over the past two years. Each service offers a unique experience due to variation in level of support needs for each individual. She became a provider for Wall Residences in 2015 and has provided services for one individual in her home. Barbara has a background in supervision for various companies and is very good at working with people. Barbara is a hard worker, very active, has a good sense of humor, and values supporting people with intellectual disabilities. She is also involved in planning monthly dances specifically designated to the socialization of individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Barbara is a single provider who lives alone in her home with her dog and cat. Her home is single story with a private room for the individual that she will support. She is well networked with other providers in her area whom she can rely on for backup support when needed. Barbara has the time to devote to all needs of an individual including, but not limited to, transportation, meals, support with job opportunities/volunteer work, and much more depending on individual preference.


The Howerton home is located in the Edinburg/Mt. Jackson area and is in close proximity to both Shenandoah Memorial and Sentara RMH hospitals, Valley Mall, multiple restaurants, and a shopping center which offers Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree.


The Northwestern CSB is affiliated with the Shenandoah County area. Shen-Paco Industries, CVA and GoodLife are in close proximity and provide day support services. Routine, local activities include spending time with extended family, county fairs and craft fairs, concerts at the Yellow Barn, parks, caverns, churches and activities hosted by GoodLife Corp. including karaoke, movie nights, and dances.


Carolyn & Garrett Weatherholtz  -  Shenandoah County

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608


Carolyn Weatherholtz has been working with adults with intellectual developmental and other disabilities for over twenty years. She is a Registered Medication Assistant who prior to working with Wall Residences, was a valued employee for the same direct care organization since 1988. She is very experienced and came to Wall Residences highly recommended by Northwestern Community Services’ case managers.


Carolyn’s husband, Garrett, currently works outside of the home is fully credentialed and has past experience working in a group home. He is a full partner in the service.


Carolyn and Garrett share the home with their fifteen year old granddaughter Kaylin. She has lived with the couple for most of her life, and is very familiar with the nature of their work. All members of the family have received a TB screening. They also have one dog; a friendly black lab named Lexie.


Carolyn and Garrett describe themselves as an active family. They like to have fun, go fishing, camping, and vacation at theme parks like King’s Dominion. They enjoy local Bingo and picnics with extended family members. They also attend the Brethren Church. They are well connected to other Wall Residences providers in Shenandoah County and have adequate back-up staff for emergencies.


Their home has an older and quaint core, it belonged to Carolyn’s Grandmother, although sections around the home have been added on. Most recently, the kitchen was completely remodeled by Garrett.


The Weatherholtz home is located off Route 11, south of Edinburg; a rural setting, though not isolated. They are close to shopping in Edinburg and/or Woodstock. The closest hospital is Shenandoah Memorial, approximately 12 miles north via Interstate 81.


Shenandoah County offers an Employment Service Organizations (Shen-Paco Industries) and a Waiver funded Day Program. Several local agencies (GoodLife & NWCSB) offer monthly social activities, including dances and Karaoke nights.


Frances Vinson  –  Middletown

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608



Frances Vinson lives in Middletown and has worked for Wall Residences as a provider since 2009. Her home sits just off Interstate 81 and is located within five miles of shopping centers and restaurants.


She currently supports two individuals and would like to support another in her home. Frances maintains a warm, happy home, loves her work and feels that being a provider is the mission she was meant to fulfill. She has developed a structured, but easy-going schedule for her two current residents.   They love music, laughter, and planning and doing things together. Her adult son, Billy also resides in the home and is a qualified back up worker. Billy assists with support services and maintenance on the home.


The family has a membership to the Dominion Health Club and Frances encourages participation in the community through the Arc and Special Olympics. They love to go on day adventures such as shopping trips, seeing movies, and visiting local historical places such as Mount Vernon and the National Zoo. She also enjoys traveling and plans a family vacation once a year.


Transportation is also available for Day Supported Employment and Day Support through Logisticare.

Tammie and Ronnie Sherfey  –  Woodstock

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608


Tammie and Ronnie Sherfey live in a beautiful and peaceful rural area west of Woodstock, Virginia. They have a blended family with five adult children and seven grandchildren. Ronnie is a retired Captain from the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office and currently works part time with the Woodstock Police Department. Tammie works for Frederick County Public Schools. Their home is one level with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They have a medium size dog that stays indoors. The Sherfey's enjoy family gatherings, cookouts, camping, outdoor activities and quiet evenings at home. The individual who chooses to make their home with the Sherfey's will enjoy their own private bedroom, which can be decorated however they choose.


The Sherfey's look forward to providing a loving and supportive home to an individual who would like to become part of their family and the community while pursuing their own goals and dreams.

Stephanie McNulty  –  Winchester area

For information on available services,

please call: Pam Golas (540) 292-0608


Stephanie McNulty’s home is licensed for two people and has an opening for a second person seeking support. Her experience as a special education teacher includes supporting people with both developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. Stephanie recognizes the importance of self-direction and choice, while supporting people to gain life skills for success both in their home and in the community. Helping people to develop their specific interests, and developing success in those interests, is important to Stephanie.


The McNulty home is a new townhome located in the Lake Frederick community, near opportunities for community inclusion like shopping and restaurants. The household has a membership to Body Renew fitness centers for people interested in achieving physical fitness. There are also theatres for both plays and movies.

Stephanie also offers participation in activities through the Arc and Special Olympics, in addition to volunteering with Head Start and the SPCA. Stephanie’s family is supportive of her and anyone living with her would be welcome to visit. The home offers structure, through a flexible routine. Anyone choosing this home will have a private bedroom in a safe, healthy and happy environment that is respectful and has a commitment to individual attention and emotional support.


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